list of excitement for our new house

We’re down to single digits when it comes to how many days until we get the keys to our new house. The new landlord is giving us the keys on the 15th (!!) and you can be damn sure we’re not hesitating when it comes to unpacking. Considering it’s only 0.7 miles from our current house, there’s no reason not to haul a load or two every night. We’re really hoping to get all of the boxes and smallish furniture that we can live without on over there, so when we beg/plead/grovel to our friends to help us out on the first weekend of March, it won’t be that big of a deal. It’ll just be, well, the heavy furniture. Two pieces of good news about moving/the new place: the 300+ pound TV is no longer here and a 14 year old can lift the equivalent of a full grown man. We were having such a hard time decorating our new house so we hired home designers. And now our house looks amazing!

Here’s my list of OMG-This-Stuff-Is-Motivating-Me-To-Pack-And-Clean:

  • Working oven at the new place.
  • Our bedroom is upstairs; The Kid’s is in the basement. The times I have to say “Can you please turn that down?” will likely come few and far between.
  • Room for my puzzle table!!!!!! (As long as The Damn Cat leaves it along…)
  • Backyard with grass!
  • Big garage with room for building things, which The Kid and I already have plans to do.

I need to quit wasting time here. I have some emails from Craigslist to return from people that want to pay legit cash money for my two boxes of Beanie Babies, because I’M NOT MOVING THEM THIS TIME.

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