remember when bloggers were super cool and unique?

I have a feeling that Facebook/Twitter and my blog would never be friends.

Facebook/Twitter (which I totally want to call Face-itter – yeah, go ahead and say that one out loud) are like the head cheerleader and the football captain and the student body president. It’s so super cool and everybody loves it in small doses, until the next year when someone else is the new latest and greatest. two dolla’s like that kid in school that has decent grades, plays JV basketball, works at Taco Bell, and plays the baritone in marching band. (Things just got real here.) It’s consistent. You know it’s always there. You’ve been friends with it forever. Those other folks are just flashes in the pan. See my analogy there?

I don’t know how many times I open up WordPress only to realize that my blog post might be about 200 characters, which I could totally shorten down to 140 if I tried hard enough. And if I can’t shorten it down 140 characters, then I can definitely squeeze it into a Facebook status and my great aunts (one who lives in Colorado and one who lives in Missouri) will totally “like” it. And if I’m lucky and it’s a really good status update, so will my high school guidance counselor and my 5th grade Sunday School teacher.

In other words, social media is ruining my blog and it’s starting to make me a little sad. But social media is also ruining my desire to read blogs, too. I’ve been able to deplete my RSS reader to so few blogs I read that it’s often empty. I figure if you have something important to say, you’ll do it somewhere else. I miss when blogging was the cool thing to do!

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