today’s topic: sweaty armpits

Successfully co-parenting a 14 year old boy has helped me learn many, many things, most of which will never grace this blog with its presence, because I don’t want people knowing that much information about my kid. It’s too bad, because I could really use some advice on some of that information, you know? One thing I’ve learned hard and fast? Boys stink. The Kid is REALLY good about applying deodorant and, yes, some AXE body spray, but at least I know I’ll never have the stinky kid in class.

He’s a facts-based kid, though, so if I ever run into needing scientific evidence, this not-his-mom has found this little graphic to share:

Via: Bye Bye Excessive Armpit Sweat

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  1. Michele

    Shoot me a line if you want any of my advice on raising a boy… mine has turned out pretty darn good if I do say so myself… not that I claim to have all the answers nor do I claim to have done it all right, but I’ve always got advice.
    From what I see, (which granted is very little), you are doing a great job at co-parenting your boy.

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