not to be all debbie downer… but i am

I’ve always been a sucker for kids. Kind of always felt the need to be a protector of some sort, because someone had to stand up for them, you know? Having one that came with The General and planning on having another one with the next couple of years has made me even more aware of how just downright mean some parents are.

I was never a victim of child abuse in any kind. Unless you count riding around in the back of a truck in the 80s as child abuse, which I think people might now. And I can’t imagine ever inflicting any kind of abuse. The Kid, however, might argue that saying taking out the trash, cleaning out the litter box, and picking up after dinner could be borderline child abuse.

This graphic kind of blew my mind and I can’t get some of the statistics out of my head. It’s not just babies or teenagers or boys or girls dealing with abuse and it’s not just moms or just dads dishing it out. The numbers below kind of make me sick to my stomach.

Via: MSW Programs


  1. Chaely

    Working in the adoption field for the past 4 months has been really rewarding, but OH MY GOD the things that people do to children is staggering. It really defies logic how people can do such terrible things to innocent children & screw them up for the rest of their lives. The fact that kids waste away in foster care or residential treatment facilities until they’re 18 & sent to independent living programs because they’re so damaged by the abuses they sustained in their youth is so heart wrenching I can’t even wrap my mind around it. It’s made me more understanding of “weird” adults because you never know which ones are weird because of situations like these & it’s way more common than we all realize.

  2. Jules

    I was reading the results of that small 20-year study about how researchers found 0% of Lesbian couples guilty of child abuse, and some troll commented that “duh, of course. Women don’t abuse children.” As someone who was taken away from her mother by the state due to abuse and neglect, I found this graphic weirdly comforting. As the republican party edges closer to a group of extremists, I really worry about our future. Take away birth control, take away elective termination, take away the *choice* to procreate, and child abuse is going to SKYROCKET.

  3. Stephanie L.

    As a mother, this makes me ill too. What surprised me, though, is the pie chart of different types of abuse. When I think “child abuse,” the first type that comes to mind is physical abuse. But that is only 11% of all abuse. I wish they would have defined what “neglect” is, if that’s what 59% of abuse is categorized as. Leaving children unattended? Not bothering to feed them? It’s sad.

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