magically my headaches are gone

When we were visiting Missouri in October (you know, for a high school football game and a Chili Cookoff), I left my good/favorite glasses at my parents’ house. I didn’t have them mail them, because I had another pair at home. My other pair of glasses, while equally as stylish, were just not cutting the mustard for me, so I only ended up wearing half the time, which obviously developed muchos headaches.

In the two months between my visits to Missouri, I probably should have just ordered some new eyeglasses, but that would have taken initiative that I just didn’t have (outside of work, of course) over the past couple of months. I probably could have gotten them in time to make sure the different holiday frames that Zenni Optical offers were applicable to the Yuletide season. I could have rocked any of these styles:

Now that I have my favorite red and black frames back and I know I can always rely on those, it might be time to order some new ones. I do love the idea of spending $8.95 on a pair of frames I found online and not having to deal with the crazy sales people at other places I’ve purchased glasses where they’ve asked me if I’ve wanted 5,201 different kinds of protective coating on my lenses. Plus, all the money I save ordering frames online can go right into our glass jar full of Vegas funds.

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