the difference in my mornings over the past week

The last five days in Sedalia, my mornings went like this: wake up on my own around 7:30. Try to go back to sleep a little bit more. Never happened. Wake up and go downstairs. Take Riley out, usually wearing no shoes and a t-shirt (optional pants). Go back inside. Have Grandma’s chocolate pie for breakfast. Get dressed. Take Riley out again and walk across the street to visit Grandma and Grandpa. Drive a golf cart to my uncle’s horse pasture and drive back while he leads one of the horses next to the golf cart. Eat some cookies for second breakfast. Continue on my day.

This morning, my morning went like this: wake up several times throughout the night because I was scared I’d sleep through my alarm. Stare at the new alarm clock The General got me for Christmas, because it projects the time on the wall/ceiling and I love it. Finally wake up. Try to find black socks. Apply hair product. Scrape the ice off my windshield. Shiver during my morning commute. Find myself behind a FARM VEHICLE. FOR THREE MILES OF MY FIVE MILE COMMUTE. (My commute goes from urban Minneapolis to downtown Minneapolis. I was very confused.) Delete 14,000 emails. (Not an exaggeration. I got a note from IT saying do it or die.)

If I could combine all of the things of my regular morning with a daily walk over to my grandparents’ house, it’d be kind of perfect.

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