#resound11 – prompt 10: high/low

Today is a bit of a choose your own adventure: write (paint, draw, photograph, record, etc.) about your best experience this year. If that’s not your cup of joe, write about your worst experience. Feeling chatty? Share both your best and worst moments.

I think the reason I’m so behind on these dang Resound posts is because they’re making me think too hard. I tend to spend about 50 hours a week using my brain at work and I wish to not use it anymore outside of then. Does that make me lazy? Perhaps. Do I care? Not so much.

Highs: WRESTLEMANIA pay per view at Matt and Jenni’s. Hell yes, we paid for that. And I’d do it again in a heartbeat. I think I bowled over 200 sometime this year for the first time and if I didn’t, I bowled a 206 last week, so there. Lynx won the WNBA championship. I gave Vikings pregame tickets to two of my favorite Lynx players.

Low: Taking the math placement test and realizing I have to retake whatever math is right before College Algebra. Turns out I didn’t retain anything at all from my attempt at Algebra when it was being taught by some old cranky teacher at State Fair Community College that reminded us that he had Lyme’s Disease every day. Shocker that one.

Guys, I had to stretch for that Low point and that was the best I could do. I feel like at least one thing a week could be listed on my highs, you know? My life is alright.


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