#resound11 – prompt: vices

I’m behind on these. Who’s shocked, right?

When we were at the reproductive psychologist (I just love saying that) earlier this week, we had to each run through a gamut of questions about drinking, smoking, arrests, legal trouble, recreational drugs, etc. And that’s when I really noticed I don’t have any big, bad scary vices. At all. I’m kind of boring. Hey, I’m high on life, y’all.

So, what vices do I have? I’m sure  a ton. The biggest one that I can think of that effects me so bad on a regular basis: procrastination. I’m the world’s worst at putting things off. Things to do around the house, things at work, freelance stuff, you name it and, man, I can find some reasons not to do it when I should be doing it. I think if I thought hard enough about it, my procrastination could also be attributed to laziness. I just don’t feel like making that jump right now.

Take for instance, right now. It’s bedtime. I’m tired, but I’ve procrastinated enough that I’m two days behind on Resound11.

Thanks, #resound11!

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