if all else fails, there’s santa

I’ve asked everyone that asks for a Christmas list from me this year for a watch. That’s really just my parents and The General, but I’ve covered my bases, I think. My brother got me hooked on eBay watched a while back, where I can pretty much find any style I want for incredibly cheap. My biggest problem is when the battery dies, because I can’t ever remember to take it somewhere to get the battery swapped out. First world problems? Yeah, probably.

This year, I’ve got my eye set on various types of chronograph watches and that’s probably because I’m past my militant punk rock lesbian phase of 2009 and into my big pimpin’ phase of 2011-2012. I’m changing, don’t you know? It could also be the whole “ooh, shiny!” thing, too, that’s got me excited about getting something silver and/or chrome. I don’t think I’ll go quite to the extreme as my younger brother, who has a different watch to match each of his six billion pair of Puma sneakers with matching Puma track jackets. Don’t worry. I don’t know what’s thinking either.

So, back to me and those buying me gifts for Christmas this year: shiny watches are at the top of my list. Large and shiny, just like my personality.

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