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I was recently pointed into the general direction of the Untitled Jersey City Project, which just sucked me into YouTube videos for longer than I'm willing to admit. Here's a short clip, so you can see what I'm talking about:

It's not like you can just watch two minutes of that and stop, right? I already have a full DVR and a Netflix Instante queue bursting at the seams, but when I watch something that can suck me in after just two minutes, I think it's something I've gotta keep tabs on.

I hadn't heard of the whole thing at all. It's a work-in-progress show. In other words, the script isn't written, as far as I can tell, and someone's just throwing out a bunch of random ideas that could be some type of a drama series, but it just hasn't been fully developed yet. Kind of an awesome concept. Never heard of any of the cast, but I hadn't heard of any of Glee's cast either, so I'm not complaining too much about that one. Overall, the concept has me super intrigued. I'm curious to see what happens with it!

UNT_091311_Title_bmb_v01.ai (1 page)

Reality singing shows and drama series are all I'm spending my time watching lately. If I start singing a bunch of serious songs, I'm going to be sad.

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