this last week made it seem easy (or: suck it, five pounds)

Last Monday’s proclamation of shaping things up health-wise seems to have worked. We watched what we hate. We monitored calories. We drank a lot of water. I’m down to only Sugar Free Red Bull for my caffeine intake. The General just bought decaffeinated coffee this weekend. All that work and I’m down 5 pounds over the last week. I’m crediting losing some water weight and also getting 4 pounds of hair cut off yesterday.

We ate at home most of the week, but when we did go out, we made better decisions, weighing our options of every damn choice. We had beer at bowling. We took The Kid out for dinner Friday night. Clearly we’re not depriving ourselves of anything. I think when you do deprive yourself of everything in your diet and lifestyle, you’re setting yourself up to fail. And we’re not so much in the mood to fail this time around at this. We’re ramping up this health thing for a reason.

So, here are the totals that you better get yourself accustomed to every Monday, boys and girls.

Total since 7/12/2010:  -22 lbs
Total since 10/31/2011:  -5 lbs

What's up?