Squirrels hate the Golden Gophers!

And I think that’s total BS. I carved this pumpkin for Jenni and Matt, because I think Emily Post once wrote that a jack o’ lantern is the appropriate host/hostess gift for a Halloween party. And then this happened. The squirrels murdered it!

The General carved the state of Minnesota in a pumpkin, too. And yesterday, the squirrel (probably not the same one) chewed off the Duluth/Two Harbors area. So, my theory is as follows: squirrels from Wisconsin have infiltrated the Twin Cities. Watch out. Guard your pumpkins. Hide your wives.

Also, The Kid has an A- in Algebra. Last year, he had a grade that rhymes with Meff. To say we’re elated doesn’t even begin to touch how damn excited we are. It just goes to show you that a decent teacher and a school that’s not run by a moron can really make a difference with a kid, you know?