I kind of can’t wait to get back to the gym

It’s on like Donkey Kong in our house. It might have something to do with this whole baby thing.

Last night, The General and I pulled out the measuring tape to take measurements. THAT WAS GREAT FUN. And I hope our weird neighbor observed it all, which was entirely possible because we did it in front of a window. If he didn’t have cable before, I’m sure he does now. Ain’t nobody want to watch that kind of thing!

The General hit the store last night and brought home so, so, so much fruit, which makes us both very happy. I started my day off with four cups of water before cracking open a Mountain Dew. I brought leftover Subway for lunch and a container of yogurt for a mid-afternoon snack. My co-worker brought cupcakes today and I’m going to partake, because I don’t turn down a cupcake.

I’d lost 29 pounds and ended up gaining 12 back, so I’m down 17 from the first of last year. I can explain it with lots of soda and bad food choices. I’m cool with that and happy that I didn’t gain it all back. It’s all about making good choices all the way around and the first choice I’m making is to get my ass healthier!
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  1. […] Last Monday’s proclamation of shaping things up health-wise seems to have worked. We watched what we hate. We monitored calories. We drank a lot of water. I’m down to only Sugar Free Red Bull for my caffeine intake. The General just bought decaffeinated coffee this weekend. All that work and I’m down 5 pounds over the last week. I’m crediting losing some water weight and also getting 4 pounds of hair cut off yesterday. […]

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