won’t you be my cheerleader

Back when I started being all healthy and crap (in July 2010), I impressed myself a lot: watching what I ate, being aware of how different choices throughout the day could effect how I would feel, tricking myself into drinking water. You name it and I, without the exception of effective slimming pills here and diet pills there, whatever, I gave it a try. I did a pretty good job over the course of time and slowly lost 30 pounds. Slowly’s the way to go with something like this, so I was happy.

And then things started happening like we forgot to go grocery shopping for several days in a row, I wasn’t feeling well, my gym membership expired, so I just didn’t go back. Obviously they were just excuses, but they worked as far as taking a toll on the ol’ beltline. The three sizes I’d lost changed to only losing one size and even that was starting to get a little snug. I didn’t gain back all of the weight, but enough for me to notice and not exactly be thrilled about it.

I had a doctor’s appointment last night and there’s just something about a doctor’s visit that makes me always want to get all healthy. Again. I’m sure it didn’t help that last time I was there I was all bragging to Dr. P. about how I’d been going to the gym and eating healthy, etc. and had lost all this weight. And then yesterday happened. She didn’t say anything, but she didn’t have to. I already know.

So, this morning, I pulled out the oatmeal packet, which required bypassing my American Pop Tarts (they’re seriously red, white and blue) that are in my bottom drawer at work. I went to the break room and filled up a plastic up full of water that I’m finishing before I let myself get a soda. We’ll work on breaking the soda thing, but that kind of thing ain’t happening overnight, my friends.

Tell me your good fortunes of losing weight, of getting healthier and just feeling better about yourself. Motivate me. I have a feeling I’ll need it!!