we’ve returned unscathed from the bible belt

We were busy as all get out the past few days in the mid-Missouri and Eastern Illinois area. Driving, dinners, visiting, last minute hotel stays, more visiting, shopping, car repair, pizza from my favorite place, high school football games, driving, another hotel stay, a visit to the Truckstop Missouri place, driving, visiting with more family, chilifest, bonfire, dozing off in a hammock, chicken and waffles for brunch, downtown St. Louis meandering, frozen custard at Ted Drewes, more family time, a visit to the arch, and some more driving managed to keep us very, very busy. And it was a very, very great visit and couldn’t have been timed more perfectly.

We’re home for a while and we have no weekend plans for a while, and I’m pretty much excited to keep it that way.

What's up?