after watching the first two episodes of breaking bad

I can honestly say that if anything ever goes awry in my career and/or life, I’m totally taking up drug dealing. It worked for Nancy Botwin in Weeds and it’s working for Walter White in Breaking Bad. And by working, of course, I mean there might be a  few mishaps (i.e. murders, explosions, near death experiences), but at least it’s entertaining, right?

We’ve been on a TV show kick as of late. We’re finally caught up with Sons of Anarchy and decided to start something else. Instant Netflix provided us with Breaking Bad. I’m excited to see where it’ll go from the first two episodes.

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  1. Matt

    It only gets better and better. Season 1 is pretty fantastic. Also, the show ends after season 5, so it will work to an end and not go on and on.

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