a 9th grader’s first day of school goes like this

Kid’s assessment of his new school went like this:

  • The meat on the sandwich was too dry, and they had chocolate milk and only chocolate milk” AND “They have a microwave we can use, so I could totally take ramen.
  • Some of the classrooms have more than one door, so it makes it confusing. There are bookcases against some of the doors. They are not magical bookcases, and you’re damn right I asked if they were.
  • No homework today.
  • His dad bought him the shirt that his mom and I refused to buy him. We only refused because it was a white t-shirt and, HI, HE’S A 14 YEAR OLD BOY. We lose the parents of the year award; he was very happy to wear this damn shirt that he said he wanted to wear on the first day really bad and he got “like 20¬†compliments”. So, WIN for Dad.
  • He was asked to buy drugs so many times today he lost count. He only said yes twice; once was some grass in a ziploc bag and the other one was a bag full of rocks. (This is him being a little bit of a smart ass.)

I think that means it’s a good first day.

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