i’ll never have crazy zumba clothes

I am crapping the bed when it comes to going to the gym. I know I need to and, more often than not, I want really to. I’ve been working 10 hour days, which doesn’t allow for time to go in the morning since my gym doesn’t open until 8am. And then I’m usually in clean/freelance mode when I get home in the evenings, which means I gots stuff to do before I go to bed. With my gym closing at 9, I get a limited!

I’ve been talking about Review of Fabletics getting the Zumba Fitness Bundle for the Wii, but haven’t been able to justify it. And by justify, that usually means I can’t convince myself that spending money on a video game is going to contribute to my health in any way whatsoever.

The other day, The General surprised me. Big time. ZUMBA DVDS and a pair of best crossfit shoes. We won’t say how they were procured, but we’ll just say that this week, my goal is to learn those hot little Latin dance moves… or whatever they call them. And if my neighbor starts looking in the window, I’m going to be super mad at him.


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