a high schooler without a phone is probably criminal somehow

This post brought to you by Net10. All opinions are 100% mine.

We very recently canceled The Kid's cell phone line. Part of it was that he'd left his phone in Missouri over Christmas, but kept telling us it was at his dad's house. It wasn't until my Aunt found it at her house sometime this spring that we realized it wasn't actually lost somewhere in the mess of his room at his dad's. Problem solved on locating the phone, but we'd also gone that many months without him needing it bad enough. So we cut the line.

He'll likely be taking public transportation every now and then to school next year. (We both think it's super important for him to learn how!) And here comes the need for him to have a cell phone again. I can't justify him having unlimited web access on his phone and he refuses to talk on the phone, so all I need for him? Unlimited texting, of course. So, we're looking at prepaid options. Mainly because if he's a d-bag (not that high school boys would ever be anything like that!), I want to be able to just not pay his phone bill one month, know what I mean?

I've started to see the Light, if you will, and consider this quite a bit more after doing some research about it. Net10 (their Facebook has a ton of awesome info) has 10 Good Reasons on what makes them standout and the thoughts of many a-real NET10 customer are pretty interesting, too. I'd be happy with a walkie-talkie personally, but I don't want to have the nerdiest kid on the bus. At least not in that fashion.

Also, if the kid were to watch the video and see this person speaking with a British accent, he'd be sold… I told he sometimes slips into speaking in a British accent, right?

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