my non-amazon wishlist

This is my list of things I would like to buy right now, except they’re either A) wicked expensive or B) wicked impractical. Or both. Listed in no particular order:

  • a Mini Cooper Countryman (RED, DUH.)
  • 2012 Buddy 170 (I’d prefer silver, but would not be sad about a green one!)
  • a lifetime supply of, um, goods from Cryogenic Labs
  • Tickets to the WNBA All-Star Game in San Antonio (even though the Lynx ticket reps tried telling someone it was in Tulsa?)
  • an iPad 2
  • this bitchin’ cat gym for Marshall and Dre (or other friends that might want to hang out there)
  • a digital SLR (leaning towards Canon because of my familiarity with the brand, but have heard glorious reviews about Nikon)
  • this cruise (along with the coinciding airfare to New Orleans) for January ’12
  • the best quadcopter under $100

This list has been compiled while I’ve been procrastinating finishing up some freelance work, which is about… oh, that’s right: procrastination.

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