in love with the 'greens

This post brought to you by Walgreens. All opinions are 100% mine.

It's a little known fact that I love me some Walgreen's. It's usually my answer to everything when one of us around the house some type of ailment. Sore back? I can pick something up at Walgreen's. Sneezing a lot? I could go to Walgreen's. Headache? I can go grab something from Walgreen's. Riley gets into a fight and is bleeding all over the place? WALGREEN'S WAS MY ANSWER. I wouldn't necessarily call myself a hypochondriac (most of the time), but Walgreen's does a good job of keeping my medicine closet (yes, closet) stocked just in case I were to need every type of pain,allergy, everything relief medicine known to man. I love Walgreens Brand Health & Wellness Products. True story.

120x30_WalgrensTransparentLogoI recently found out that anytime I buy my Wal-Itin (one in the car and one at home) or economy size bottles of Wal-Dryl (one for work and one for Riley at home), a portion of the money I pay (which is already much less than I would pay for the name brand nonsense) goes to the Walgreens Way to Well Fund™. And that's awesome. They provide preventitve health tests and a bunch of other health and wellness services to local communities that might not otherwise have that option. They also partner up with some of the organizations I'm super passionate about, too, when it comes to making sure people stay healthy.

I love the things I learn about when doing my morning internet readings. Oh, and also, Walgreen's is having some blog-reading related giveaways that you can check out, too. Who couldn't use a $50 Walgreen's branded gift card?


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