c25k week 5 day 3: done. finally.

This Couch-to-5K thing has been such a mental battle for me. I’m the kind of person that can just do things. Am I just fortunate? I don’t think so. Sometimes I have to work really hard to do something, but I can do it. I can do anything. The fact that I haven’t been able to power through the C25K is enough to drive me batshit insane. And tonight I finally made it past my biggest hurdle as of late: running for 20 minutes. In a row.

According to the original plan from Cool Running, I was supposed to be able to run two miles in that amount of time and that just makes me laugh until I can’t breathe, because YEAH, RIGHT. I was the only one in the gym tonight (again – what’s with that?) and when I crossed the threshold of running a whole mile without falling down, having a heart attack or having a giant dog attack me (thanks, flashbacks from 2nd grade when the douchenugget neighbor across the street let his chow-chows chase me home from the bus stop every day), I’m pretty sure I made some ridiculous audible noise that sounded like a cross between a moan and a squeal of excitement.

There’s one thing that I haven’t been able to completely control with running and it’s the only thing I’m not completely comfortable with when it comes to running. And it’s not really the distance. To give you a little bit of a visual, it’s more this:

Good running shoes. Awesome selection of running shorts. Moppy hair to soak up the sweat. But there’s still the whole issue of flopping all over the place. I was blessed with A LOT in that area and controlling them when bouncing up and down like that has been a struggle. It’s almost new bra time; it’s going to have to be before I run in a group of people for 3.2 miles.

(Why, yes, I did create that in Photoshop all by myself. See? I can even do high quality graphic design!)

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