running is 54185% mental

Pretty sure that’s what running is all about. I suppose you need legs, but I’m pretty sure that’s the only damn thing that’s physical about running. Tonight marks the second time in this whole C25K process that I’m absolutely certain I’ve psyched myself out of running.

Last week, for example, I ran the 2nd day of C25K’s 5th week. That’s a brisk five minute warm up, eight minutes of running, walking for five minutes, eight minutes of running, and then a five minute cool down. I blew through that thing like nobody’s business. At one point in the final 8 minutes, I had the speed on the treadmill 0.5 miles faster than I had when I started. I was done and almost wanted to run out to the car. Almost.

Tonight, I was supposed to run 20 miles and did not do that. Hardly one bit. And it frustrated the holy hell out of me. There are a ton of variables that probably effected it. I’m so not rehydrated from the weekend. I slept on the ground for two nights, which would explain the lower back pain I felt when running tonight. The last jogging-type activity I did was almost a week ago.

I’m pretty sure I had talked myself out of running about three days ago. I know it’s all mental, because I don’t feel any pain or awkwardness or anything like that in my body; I could physically keep going. If I could just turn my brain off for 20 minutes, I could probably do this 5K thing without a second thought. But until that happens, I’ve gotta figure out how to get over this stupid mental roadblock before I drive myself insane.

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  1. there are some days when i kill it and it’s the best thing ever, and there are days where i have zero energy and want to die. i still haven’t figured out what the difference is, but i’m pretty sure that means it’s totally normal and you’ll be back at it today!

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