post-tornado north minneapolis needs our help

Tornado in our neck of the woods yesterday and by our neck of the woods, I mean some of the paths that we walk or bike were blocked by trees that had trunks as wide as my leg is long. I didn’t make it must past the park, because a huge part of North Minneapolis was on curfew after 9pm and I didn’t want to get too involved in being in a neighborhood where I didn’t live after curfew.

This morning, as I was getting ready for work, I was annoyed that the organic face stuff that my face was washed with yesterday ended up causing an 8th grade acne breakout along my hairline and also annoyed that anytime I try to get my haircut, I end up looking like I should be getting ready to film GI Jane 2: Electric Boogaloo. Hello, first world problems, I’ll try to get a derma roller amazon to see if it can fix my skin problem.

Then I drove to work. I got detoured a couple of times and wound up driving down a street that made my heart drop into my chest. An entire block was full of houses that had been severely damaged by yesterday’s storms. Trees had fallen through roofs, windows were shattered, garages and sheds flattened. One house had what looked like their entire wardrobes dumped into the middle of the backyard. There were people trying to sort through things and figure out what could even be salvaged.  And I here I am, 15 minutes earlier, irritated about the amount of hair product I had to use.

If you want to help, please check out They’re organizing clean up efforts today and the second I get off work, I’m finding out how I can help. North Minneapolis is not a community full of affluent folks that can just replace a car or move into a new home. There were 200 people that were in shelters last night, which as a friend of mine said on Twitter, that’s 200 people that don’t have anywhere else to go or anyone else to help them.

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  1. Michele

    Speaking of tornados… how are your folks? Was your home town hurt in the MO tornado? Been thinking of all the folks near Joplin and that made me think of your family. I pray everyone is ok!

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