it’s finally that time of the year

It’s the time where we can leave the house windows open all night long, where I have to remind The General that we wait at least until after Memorial Day before even considering turning on the air, and the time where I try to figure out a way to turn cargo shorts into a business professional outfit.

It’s also the time where the 10-day forecast is very, very important. You see, one week from now? I’ll be throwing the aforementioned cargo shorts into a bag, along with flip flops, bug spray, and my whittling knife, in preparation for our annual Camping Season Opener. It’s possibly turning into one of my most favorite holidays of all time.

We have a spreadsheet; this year, it’s called “Memorial Day 2011 – Socialist Camping Cooperative” and has proven to be very helpful in the past when arranging necessities (like food, beer, bocce, radio with mp3 capabilities…) for the ~15 campers we have joining in every year.

This year, at least according to, seems to be shaping up juuust fine.


  1. jumi

    I refuse to believe 10-day forecasts. Either they bum me out, or they get my hopes up and I get utterly disappointed.

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