i feel good about this

Here’s how I know I’m not messing around anymore when it comes to this whole fitness business:

Three months ago, a normal Sunday morning would have included laying on the couch to watch TV and maybe thinking about leaving the house for the day.

This morning, I’m up by 8:30, dressed to go biking, and doing some research that includes:

  • The best route for me to get in 10 quick miles before it rains today.
  • Which heart rate monitor I want to get in the upcoming weeks, since I’m over halfway through C25K and I promised myself one.
  • Whether or not I should get a new pair of workable running shoes now or wait a bit longer and get fitted for super nice ones.
  • Finding out whether or not the electrical fault my car is having with some type of solenoid D pressure control is either something I can fix or something that was on recall.

But I’m done researching. The sun it out. I’m about to hit the road.


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