since the servers are down at work

Blogging from my phone seems like the most productive use of my time right now. I don’t know what it is lately, but it’s been so hard for me to find the time and/or the desire to blog. I think about it and I even start posts, but then eight hours and two sentences later, it just doesn’t really seem all that important anymore, ya know?

A new bowling season has started, so that’s fun. Our team from last season/league, Pin15 Club, consisting of me, The General, Jenni and Bill (and sometimes Matt and Katie) finished the season in next to last place. I wound up with the high womens scratch game (of 222) and high womens handicap (295), which meant hot $10 prizes with both of those.

Now I’m bowling on Tuesday nights on TEAM RAMROD with Andy, Marc and Adam. I think we’re going to be pretty bad ass. Or at least they will. They talk about stuff like ball resin and throwing hooks and oiled lanes, so clearly that means those boys are hardcore.

I’m seriously a bowling nerd. I love it a lot. I even have my own shoes now, that weren’t stolen from a different bowling alley, thanks to The General. Now if I could just figure out how to bowl consistently, I would be all set.

And the servers are still down, but I have two co-workers here that might start to wonder what I’m hammering out over here.

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