a plea for garcia

It was a cold day, just a few weeks after we’d moved into our new house when we got a call from Pet Project Rescue asking us to take in a couple of puppies that were found outside, fending for themselves, in South Dakota. Of course, we said yes.

And now, nearly three months later, look who’s still hanging out at our house:

It’s Garcia, or C.C. as we sometimes call him. He’s five or six months old now and is very much ready to find a forever home. He weighs about 35 pounds, but the majority of that is all legs and his big ol’ head. He has the softest black fur with tints of brown throughout it. His little white goatee kills me, and if you scratch the white spot on his chest, he’ll love you forever.

He pretty much loves anyone and everything forever, though. He likes sleeping on Riley and follows him around like he can’t do any wrong. (Riley doesn’t do any wrong, of course, but that’s not the point…) He’s learned how to sit and does it willingly before he gets to go outside or have a meal. Not surprisingly, he’s picked up fetch pretty quickly and will play with any of his toys. If it has a squeaker, he’s going to really love it. He’s recently picked up “shake”, which is vital in a puppy’s life. How else is he supposed to learn to meet someone?

And he’s a great guard dog! Or at least tries to be…

He’s a mix of some type of lab, shepard, heeler combo. He’ll probably end up being a big boy if the size of his paws are any indication. He’s sweet as can be and loves nothing more than to be held like a baby, even if he is too big to hold on your lap. Garcia loves going outside, even in the snow, and could stay there all day if you let him.

Anybody that adopts him is going to have the most loyal pal they could imagine. How can you say no to this mug?

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  1. Julie

    THIS KILLS ME! He looks like our dog, and it sounds like he behaves exactly like her, too. I wish I could adopt him and let them be bffs forever and just cuddle me full-time! But in our current apartment, sadly, we can’t :( I hope he finds a home soon!

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