my latest educational endeavor

Yesterday, The General and I went to a class/seminar hosted by The Canine Coach focusing on Urgent Care with your pets. It was $20, so I signed up. The focus on the class was supposed to be when you can treat your animals at home or when you need to take them into the vet right away. For twenty bucks, I figured I wouldn’t get too mad if the instructor of the class just told us we should always take the dog to the vet no matter what. That was not at all the case.

We learned dog CPR, which was possibly the most exciting thing that ever could have happened to me at that moment in time. We also learned better techniques at managing wounds, how to stock a basic survival kit, tips at how to get your dog to swallow medications better, and what constitutes a freaked out visit to the emergency vet. It was incredibly, incredibly informative.

If you have dogs, I would highly recommend signing up for it. The instructor, who’s a certified vet tech that’s used to dealing with two large breed, clutzy dogs herself, does a fantastic job of presenting the information. The General and I went out and supplied a first aid kit for the dogs as soon as it was over. We have it in a box for home or travel.

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