It was my idea

I have a feeling I just lost The General to the sexy gaze of DJ Hero. It came in the mail today and someone in this house over the age of 30 that’s not me spent the whole night sitting cross-legged (damn right I wrote Indian-style and then had to delete it!) on the couch mixing Flo Rida and Kanye West on a plastic turnrable. I had it coming, though. Santa brought be NBA Jam for the Wii and The General has been forced to listen to things like BOOMSHAKALAKA for the past five days.

Also another idea of mine involved taking on some freelance transcription work that’s probably way late at this point, which is why I was working on it tonight instead of perfecting my scratching skills on the Wii. I’ve been trying to transcribe 4 hours of a seminar about mindfulness and being centered and finding your inner… zzzzzzzzzz. Wait. What? Yeah, I can’t listen to 10 minutes of it without having to get up and walk around or slap myself in the face repeatedly.

I am full of good ideas, no?

What's up?