donation request: fail

If there is a sure fire way to get me to not donate to your organization, it’s to tell me that Christopher Straub wants me to do it.

For those of you that don’t care (like I wish I could), he was on the 6th season of Project Runway. He’s from the Twin Cities, but by the Twin Cities, I mean he grew up in Edina (people say EDINA stands for Every Day I Need Attention) and now he lives in Shakopee. If it weren’t for Jodi, I’d call Shakopee something super lame, too.

He makes boxer shorts out of “vintage” t-shirts. You know who else has that concept? The people that make reusable diapers.

When he was on the show, I had to watch two of  my co-workers imitate him every week because he cries like a four year old that finds out Santa Claus isn’t real and that it’s not some lady in a fairy costume putting money under your pillow when you lose your tooth. THAT’S YOUR MOM.

To make matters worse, I run into him occasionally. It happens when he’s like a gay icon in Minneapolis. He was the grand marshal of the Pride parade this year. I only know that because the douches that were driving him there almost ran over my feet in their mini van as they yelled at the police “CHRISTOPHER IS IN HERE!”. Gays, policemen don’t know who Christopher is. C’mon.

Also, Christopher, you’re white and not a gangster. Stop wearing your hat like this:

And why does your house look like something a 45 year old lady on the verge of hoarding would live in?

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