a wholesome christmas tale

It’s post-Christmas lunch, post-unwrapping presents. I’m sleepy and I have to plan for an 8 hour drive the next day. However, I don’t want to give up time with my 6 year old pseudo-niece, since I only see her a few times a year. I’m trying to convince her to read me a book so I can fall asleep in her bed. She’s not having any of this, so she storms out of the bedroom and closes the door. I, assuming she’d be back shortly, covered the my head with the blankets.

There’s a possibility I dozed off for a couple of minutes. I heard the door open again, so I waited a while to plot my surprise attack on an unsuspecting 6 year old. When I decided to pull my head out of the blanket, I noticed it was certainly not a child that was in the room with me. It was someone that had just arrived to our Christmas soiree. And that someone was, in fact, my Sunday school teacher from my younger, more religious days.

I did what everyone else would do in an instance like that. I covered my head backup hoping she didn’t know I was in there and hid. She’s old. It’s likely she has dementia or would have convinced herself that she was just seeing things, right?

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