i love cranky commenters

I often get comments on older posts that don’t make their way through my spam folder. They tend to be even more entertaining than the time sensitive comments I get.

Most recently, someone must have stumbled across this post, which includes me professing my hatred towards a certain cashier at a certain retail location. In short, I was complaining about the way the cashier treated someone and with good reason. Within the post, I mentioned that I had dropped Riley off for some vaccinations and was out shopping while that was taking place.

Here’s the comment from the person called Notinthemood: “It’s a great store! I LOVE it! Not to forget mentioning… What kind of mother leaves her son alone at the doctor to go shopping. I believe the word I’m looking for is misfit?”

Dear Cranky Commenter,

Riley is not a child. Riley is a dog.



  1. Sara

    Thanks for the laugh! I think I would go back to that Old Navy and shop just to be a bitch to that cashier! That’s the Walmart worker coming out in me!

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