mama likes christmas savings

Thanks to the internet (and my Amazon Mom account – shut up, I kind of am one!), I’m nearly done with Christmas shopping… just as soon as the UPS/postman drops some boxes on my front doorstep.

My parents, as usual, are the most difficult people to buy for in the world, but I think that’s what happens sooner or later with other parents anyway, right? I didn’t spend nearly as much money as I usually do on Christmas and yet managed to get a ton of stuff. I get very excited about good deals, especially when the stack of things under the tree doesn’t make my checking account look so scary.

When I ordered The General’s large and in charge gift, I used two coupons I found online. I saved some money and got free shipping. WIN. If you’re still procrastinating on Christmas shopping, try these Macy’s deals or just Google the company you want to buy stuff from, because it’s super simple to fine stuff like that online. And this holiday season, it’s even helped me think of some things that I normally wouldn’t have thought of. Like great deals on underwear for your dad. Oh wait, that was already on my dad’s expansive list (and my expansive, I mean his list was: boxers and razor blades).

Sorry, Dad. Looks like Christmas is spoiled for you!

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