it will always be chilito to me

I signed up for Reverb 10 yesterday and promptly ignored the prompt. Wrap up my year in one word? C’mon. I don’t know that many words. Anyway, I’m going to get back on track with that today and catch up with Prompt #1 (One Word) and Prompt #2 (What do you do each day that doesn’t contribute to your writing — and can you eliminate it?). That’s a lot of thinking to do.

Meanwhile, I decided to stop at Taco Bell this afternoon for lunch. I haven’t made a run for the border in probably a month and it’s been a really bad day. You know what always cures a really bad day? A chilito. (Screw you idiots who didn’t understand what that was and made them change the name to chili-cheese burrito, by the way.)

I pull up to the window, hand over a five dollar bill, and the girl at the drive thru says: “Thank you, Miss Wendy”. Did you see the part where I paid with cash? Yeah, I don’t write my name on my money.

It’s the Taco Bell that’s closest to my work and I usually pay with my debit card. And the girl in the drive thru remembered me. But clearly I’ve gone there too much in the past. I can’t decide if it’s depressing or hilarious, but I’m going with both. In that order.

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  1. willis

    We were surprised to find out that Chilitos aka Chili Cheese Burritos are a regional thing. We went to a Taco Bell in LA a few years ago and they had no idea what we were talking about when we tried to order them.

  2. Chilitos were adopted by Taco Bell when they purchased the upper-midwest incumbent fast-food Mexican joint Zantigo many, many years ago. The owner of Zantigo made a shrewd business deal, where he agreed to cease using the Zantigo name and the associated Chilito name for a certain number of years. In the meantime, he opened a few Zapata restaurants in the downtown skyways. At the expiration of the name rights agreement, Taco Bell had to revert to calling their substandard version of the Chilito the Chili-Cheese Burrito.
    Zantigos are back, along with their original Chilitos, a much better version of the item. GO THERE NOW. You won’t be disappointed.

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