if pawlenty in 2012 happens, i will move to canada (also, suck it, pawlenty)

It’s never been any secret how much I can’t stand Minnesota’s current governor. Tim Pawlenty is, in short, a giant doucher. I’d be happier if I lived in a state where the governor was a deformed gnome that shit itself on a daily basis.

In 2006, he claimed his stance on crime included “more prisons and tougher penalties for sex offenders“. But in 2008 (that’s two years later for those that struggle with math), this happened. He pardoned a sex offender so the sex offender’s wife (the woman he pled guilty to statutorily raping 14 years ago) could open up a home daycare.  This guy’s record was completely wiped clean of anything related to that.

So guess what happened in the two years since that pardon? He sexually assaulted his child. Repeatedly. Now, because of Pawlenty, the child he assaulted and violated has the rest of her life to deal with things that nobody should have to deal with. Sure, this guy (and members of his family!) are saying the daughter just made it all up to get back at him. But yet he admitted “that on a few occasions his contact with the girl could be characterized as inappropriate”. WAIT, WHAT?

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