this is our current zoo

Marshall is a 10-week old kitten that was rescued from animal control the day he was going to be euthanized. He couldn’t be adopted out, because of an upper respiratory infection. Right now, he’s sitting with me in the den looking out the window. In a few minutes, I have no doubt that he’ll be helping me finish my freelance work by typing “…..3.3…….3” which is what he seems to type every time he’s on my desk.

Garcia (on the left) and Morgan (on the right) are 12-week old puppies that were rescued from a reservation in South Dakota. They’re part lab, shepard, mutt, wolf, spider monkey… or so it seems. They’re named after two of our favorite characters on Criminal Minds. Morgan’s tough, but sweet. Garcia’s loud and just wants to be loved. If you’ve seen the show, you can see how their names fit.


  1. Kassie

    Question: How do your dogs react to cats? I was at PetSmart today and was lured into the adoptable cats area. They were so cute and sweet. But I’m afraid my dog would eat one if I brought it home. How do you know if a dog will be okay with a cat?

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