look, a graph

This is a graph. It’s a graph that I’m extremely proud of. Not because I figured out how to do it in Excel by myself (because I don’t, please thank Dez‘s guide for that!), but because of the results that have been happening on this graph. It shows how much weight I’ve been losing.

Let’s be honest here. I’ve needed to lose weight for, oh, about 12 years now. I lose 10 pounds and then I gain it back, or better yet, I lose 10 pounds and gain 15 back. This graph dates back to July 12, where I was a tubby as I ever have been. It was not a pretty thing. My scale punched me in the face like four times every time I would try to weigh myself.

Since July, I’ve slowly but surely lost 19.2 pounds. (Please insert gratuitous congratulatory remarks here.)

It’s been a sloooow battle from the start and I fully expect it to continue that way. I wasn’t going to make any mention of it, because every time I do, I do something like hit the Taco Bell drive through for a 12 pack of tacos (it’s only $10!) and then stop at a gas station to get 12 king size candy bars for dessert. Don’t worry, though. I’m not one of those douchebags that then goes in and drinks a small Diet Pepsi.

How I’ve been doing it, in short, is like this: I don’t eat everything on my plate. We always eat a veggie at home with dinner. I’ve taken my soda level down to just one or two a day. Limiting the fast food. Eating small portions of food throughout the day while at work. Having snacks at work that are better than the crap we have in the vending machine.

Things I should probably do, but am having a hard time with: Quit drinking regular soda. Drinking a whole lot of water. Getting off my butt for 30 minutes a day. Taking a daily multi-vitamin.

But with almost 20 pounds off, I’m not exactly mad at myself. You know what I am, though? HUNGRY. It’s lunchtime.


  1. NICE GRAPH! Very exciting.

    Before you make the switch to diet do a little research – a lot of studies lately have shown that A) people who drink diet & regular lose weight at about the same rate & B) the chemical sweeteners in diet soda may be less healthy & potentially cancer-causing in the long run than the HFCS you’re drinking in your regular soda.

    The best thing is just to limit your intake overall. I’ve been down to 20oz or less each day & then mixing sparking water with juice when I need a bubbly fix after I’ve hit my limit.

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