cheap cable tv deals huh

The easiest thing for us to set up once we moved was Comcast. They even showed up on time for the appointment to install everything. It took the guy about an hour, but we now have cable in four rooms, which I’m pretty sure wasn’t part of the plan. In other words, I’m not complaining much. Had we had it our way, we would have done our due diligence and found some better Cable TV Deals. Since Comcast sort of… (what’s the word I’m looking for? Oh, right) dominates and strongholds our area.

Sure, they offer Cheap Curved TVs as well and a few packages that include things like High Speed Internet (which we love!) and phone service (which we already pay $100+/month for phone service and don’t need anything else, thanks!), but it’s still ungodly expensive no matter how you look at it.

Our choices of Internet Service Providers, if we want cable, is Comcast or nothing. We’ve thought about trying the city wide wireless, but we’ve only heard mixed reviews of it. If the three of us are busy downloading things, it’s gonna be bad news. And here’s the thing, we’re kind of a family full of nerds, so downloading is just kinda what we do.

I can honestly say that Comcast is the one thing that I’ve had a relationship with the longest… even though I want to break up so bad!

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