bowling isn’t always for cheaters

My unexplained love for Justin Bieber and my completely justified adoration for Shaquille O’Neal (I named a dog after him when I was a kid! RIP Shaq) have both come to an end. Those two pantywaists use the bumpers while bowling:

If you’re not three, you don’t get to use the bumpers! What kind of sad sacks do that?

My point, before looking up bowling YouTube videos, was me talking about my bowling scores thus far in our Sanctioned League, where I’m a proud 1/4 of The PIN15 Club. My high score, which is documented in Bowling Buddy (an app for my Android phone), is 167. My goal of 200 isn’t that far off, but my inconsistency might have something to do with that.

Right now, I’m averaging 127.72. The first week of bowling, my average was 143. Now, that would have been REALLY awesome had that not been the week that our handicaps were being decided. I’d really love to get that average up around 150, mainly because I know I can.

The thing about bowling is it’s not really a sport that requires a lot of strength or a lot of speed or a lot of coordination, for that matter. It requires that I do the same thing, you know, 30+ times in a row. You wouldn’t think it’d be that hard, right?

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