for my election day coverage

I am giving you ZERO Election Day coverage. Well, except this one thing.

I was playing Angry Birds last night on my phone. I do it sometimes to wind down at night and to just space out on smashing little green monsters with highly destructive tiny AND ANGRY birds.

All of a sudden, I get a tiny little pop up ad in the lower right hand side of my screen. It happens occasionally and I have no problem ignoring it. Except last night? IT WAS AN AD TELLING ME TO VOTE FOR MICHELLE BACHMANN.

Let me get right on re-electing someone to office that doesn’t think women should have control over their own bodies, hides in the bushes of gay rallies to find out what all those homos are raising a ruckus about, and tries to convince people via news interviews that the Iranian government is going to take over Israel and turn parts of it into some Islamic terrorist breeding ground. But first, let me Google this: “Michelle Bachmann” + crazy.

Go ahead. Do it. You’ll get my point. 

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