willie is lost!

If you’re in Northeast Minneapolis (or maybe even anywhere at all Minneapolis), please keep an eye out for Willie!

Pet Project Rescue rescued Willie from the local animal control last week. He’d been hit by a car and his owner surrendered him, because they couldn’t take care of his medical needs. He’s just about ready for a forever home of his own, except now he’s missing.

Tonight, around 5pm, he ran out of his foster home’s backyard when someone opened the gate. After several hours of combing the neighborhood, Willie’s nowhere to be found. He has a history of running, so he might be hard to catch. Willie is a very sweet dog and loves other dogs, but he might be a little scared right now.

If you find him, please hang on to him and call PPR’s director at 612-207-0602 or email info@petprojectrescue.com. More info (and a recent picture) on Willie can be found here.

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