racking up the miles

In the month of September, I walked and/or biked 31 miles. I’ve never logged something like that for a whole months, so I was kind of impressed with myself. I know some people that will mike 31 miles in any given day, but I’ve got to start somewhere, right? I’d been using Daily Mile for the past few weeks and seriously love it! But today, ANY HOUR NOW, I’m going to get my Android and there’s an app called RunKeeper that I’m kind of dying to try. It’ll prevent me from having to trace back my paths on Google Maps after I get back home!

In any case, I’m gonna try to hit 40 miles in October. I wanted to say 50, but The General seemed to think that was slightly on the over-ambitious side. Would I love to be around 100 miles each month? ABSOLUTELY. But I’m a little nervous the weather from mid-November to the end of February might prevent me from doing some of that.

So 40 miles for October? So far I have zero. Might have to change that up a bit tonight.


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