see, i really have been busy

I still have postcards from Chicago I’m determined to still mail. There are still hundreds of photos from our trip that need to be uploaded and edited. And I still owe a brief write up of The 3 day to nobody else but myself. All of these things have been put on the back burner with The Kid’s school starting back up, putting in some volunteer time with Pet Project Rescue, and catching up on Mount Dirty Laundry.

And then there are our latest in the department of foster puppies. Best guess is they’re part husky/shepard/heeler/who knows what else. First, we had eight week old brother and sister, Metro and Wolfie:

Metro’s new home includes someone that works from home on a daily basis, so he’ll get a ton of attention.

Wolfie’s new dad was possibly the sweetest, most excited emo kid I’ve ever met in my life. He’s changing her name to Mila and was totally smitten with her.

And now, currently awaiting their forever homes, two more puppies from the same litter: Oliver and Newton. If I knew they wouldn’t grow into giants, I’d strongly consider snatching one of these two little guys up.

Oliver is a shy little guy, but he’s very smart. Already three times tonight, he’s managed to steal one of The General’s balls of yarn and run underneath the TV stand to play with it, because he knows we can’t reach him under there. I threatened to give him another bath if he did it again, and since then, he’s been keeping his nose clean.

And this is Newton, by far my favorite of the puppies. He’s almost twice the size of Oliver, but as sweet as can be. I think he’s my favorite, because he can appreciate a good Law & Order:SVU marathon just about as much as I can.  Not the brightest out of the litter, but, hey, we can’t all be cute and smart, can we?

As soon as these last two guys find somewhere to live permanently, I’ll try to get back to my regularly programmed blogging schedule. Or maybe I’ll just find another excuse to avoid it, which seems to be the norm lately.

(As usual, all photos borrowed from Pet Project Rescue. These puppies move way too fast for my camera!)

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