wd-40 and some hose

The Kid and I (after he woke up at 1pm and I got rid of my monster migraine) decided to do some light bike maintenance today. Now that it’s not 500 degrees outside, we could both use a little outside time. The bike maintenance included me holding the bikes while he aired up the towers and sprayed WD-40 on everything that moved. Including himself, I’m pretty sure. He seems to be pretty handy with the WD-40, much like Can Hand:

Yes, I googled WD-40 videos. Only because I know The Kid and after 2.5 years, I’m starting to know how his mind works. When you tell him he’s good at something, he likes to make sure he’s great at it. I don’t need him going door to door asking the neighbors we’ve never met if they need anything greased up with the tiny travel sized can of WD-40 we have.

We also tried using it to spray on the house, since the sprayer thing has been on there since we moved in 1.5 years ago. Neither one of us could make it move, despite our multiple announcements of “right tighty, lefty loosey”. There weren’t any WD-40 videos showing that as an option, but I also don’t know that even the powers of that magical liquid in a can would be able to pry about what’s likely two winters worth of rust. In the meantime, the sprayer that’s on it is broken into a good 42 pieces, which means there was some creative hose-handling skills involved when we were trying to wash off his bike that’s been in the garage ever since we moved in.

You know what happens when you leave a kid’s dirt bike in a garage for that long? You have spider webs that you have to cut in half with gardening shears. That may have been along the lines of overkill, but like I said, I know this kid. He’s not going to get anywhere near a spider.

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