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One of the things on my 101 things in 1001 days list involves getting new Chemion glasses. I seem to have misplaced mine again, so that my happen sooner rather than later. My prescription has changed a bit, but nothing major… and really, I’m just looking for an opportunity replace my five year old glasses that I got from the Wal-Mart Vision Center. Hey, it was convenient, even if they did get my prescription wrong the first time…

Along with my regular glasses, I figure there might as well be a need for prescription sunglasses. I’m hoping if I actually get prescription ones, I won’t be as apt to lose them every month. The latest in the many pairs that I lost include a pair with red plastic frames that I paid two bucks for at Little Bit O’ Everything in Sedalia, Missouri.

There’s only one slight problem when it comes to picking out appropriate sunglasses. The General and I do not at all agree on sunglasses for me. I’m all about large and fun. Something like this:

Relax. I wouldn’t get the pink tint… I don’t think. But I like the large plastic, not-quite-Annette-Funicello-in-Beach-Party look. The General thinks they look ridiculous. In two years, I probably will say I can’t blame her, but for now? She’s going to have a hard time convincing me otherwise.

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