his grownup ringtones

Along with having a 13 year old kid milling about on a pretty regular basis comes the grounds of learning things that I never really have cared about. Things like the different characters that play the doctor in Dr. Who and what video game platform the next version of Kingdom Hearts is coming out on later this year are some of the things I get to hear about and a couple of the things that just go in one ear and out the other.

Don’t get me wrong. The Kid? He’s not boring at all. He’s an entertaining guy! And I feel pretty lucky to have a Bonus Kid that’s into video games and sci-fi shows as opposed to things like which Jonas Brother is dating which girl from the Mickey Mouse Club and which Anna blue song is the best one.

This is a kid whose ringtones are songs by Cobra Starship or Paramore, which are honest to goodness grownup bands, I think. The only Cobra Starship song I know is called Good Girls Gone Bad and I’m so not comfortable with having that on my phone at The Kid’s ringtone. Instead, I just have Michael Jackson’s PYT, which is probably equally as uncomfortable and not okay. But who doesn’t love a little Michael Jackson in the middle of the day when the person on the other end of the phone is calling because he can’t find the scissors to open his ramen?

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