I believe I’m in the midst of recovering from a concussion.

Sunday afternoon, I went to take the dogs out and there just happened to be a rabbit in the backyard. We’ve warned this rabbit several times about hanging out in our postage stamp sized backyard, because our dogs REALLY want to catch a rabbit. Neither one of them would know what to do with it, but man, they really want to catch one.

They both saw the rabbit at the same time, which happened to be the exact moment I opened the back door to take them out. Riley went bounding out after the rabbit and his brother, Kentucky, followed him just as quickly. The only problem was that Kentucky is on a leash because he has the tendency to get a little nervous when people come by on bikes or strollers or anything with wheels that’s not a car.

All 90 pounds of Kentucky went flying out the door, pulling me (much more than 90 pounds!) along with him. The door frame was in the way, but my face apparently didn’t see that. The left side of my head slammed into the wood and I pretty much fell onto the ground. The General came running out, and all I could say was, “Get the dogs”. I figured them running down the alley after a rabbit, one of them dragging along a leash probably wasn’t the best thing to be happening.

Sunday, I was fine. Just some bruising on my face. I took the time to write my great aunt about the ordeal since the Rite Aid near me was giving out newly designed postage stamps for free.

Monday, midway through the morning, I turned my head to the left and all of a sudden, a headache kicked in. Within hours, all of the other symptoms kicked in, too, including blurry vision, dizziness, confusion, and my personal favorite — my pupils were different sizes.

I’m feeling better this morning. Much better. I slept, even though every one said not to go to sleep, and I woke up just fine. There’s just a bruise on the side of my face, but that’s only because The General beats me.

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