online backups are my friend

When I got my iPod Touch earlier this year, I didn’t really think I’d use it that much. I knew I’d use it for a while, but then figured it’d get chucked to the side just like my Pogoball and Kirk Cameron poster from K-Mart. Maybe I’d use it every once in a while on a special occasion much like the Casio keyboard I used to have. Point is — I’m using it a lot and for a lot of things that kind of surprise me!

I use Google docs quite a bit on the iPod when I need to access nerdy things like fundraising totals and how many of my freelance invoices are still pending. And that’s super handy. I use iDrive for another online backup tool and it’s saved my butt a few times when I’ve needed something else. It doesn’t matter what, because that’s personal. The point on this one is that it’s helped me be able to easily access specific files anytime I have internet. And really, with the way Minneapolis is going, that’s pretty much anywhere at all.

I feel like accessing something online like that is a whole lot easier and safer than carrying around a jump drive and having to always find somewhere to plug it in just to update the information you have stored in it… which I found this weekend to be super annoying.

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