i just need some bicycle clarification here

Courtesy of the City of Minneapolis’ website, I’ve learned some things about the cyclists I’m always complaining about on a pretty much daily basis. I can’t think of one commute to work (either before or after work) where I haven’t been very confused about what rules are actually supposed to be followed. I have a 2 mile commute.

Here’s my biggest complaint: When in the street, cyclists have all the rights and responsibilities of a car. Last time I drove a car, which was, you know, yesterday, I knew that I couldn’t run red lights. That apparently does not apply when you’re a cyclist according to every single bike commuter I seen going from Northeast Minneapolis to downtown.

As a driver, I’m expected to give a cyclist the entire width of a lane of traffic if there’s no other option for him/her, give them a three-foot or more clearance when passing, check for rear-approaching cyclists (giving them the right of way), and yield to them as pedestrians when they’re on the sidewalk. I do all of that and I do that consistently.

I understand that I’m in a motorized vehicle, which is much safer than a bicycle. But when a cyclist stops at a stoplight, looks both ways to realize there’s no traffic coming either way, and then blatantly goes through the stoplight, it seriously infuriates me.

I have a bike and one of the best bike locks now. And I’m honestly kind of scared to ride it, because I don’t really know what rules are actually rules and what rules are just guidelines. C’mon, hardcore cycling folk, give me an example so I can ride my bike to work and not become decorations on the grill of a cement truck.


  1. i’ve seen cyclists pulled over a town downtown for running lights regularly. it’s not legal. nor is riding on the sidewalk, which i plan to inform the girl that almost clips me daily when i finally hear her coming and knock her into a wall.

  2. the girl who almost runs me over regularly is riding down 4th street while i’m walking to work. so yeah, commercial. i’m going to kick her.

  3. Jenny

    Rules? Do whatever the heck you want. That’s what all the other cyclists do. I’ve had them actually clip my side mirror while I’m sitting at a red light and they’re getting ready to run it.

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